From:Steve Marks
Subject:RE: RE: RE: You won't believe this bad luck Date:Fri Oct 19 08:26:14 2007
Response to:1721
Model K mag coupling had no flexible disc - just a sleeve with a taper pin holding it all together - see attachment. Alignment had to be spot on or the end would twist off the mag's armature spindle! I abandoned this idea on my K and fitted the DeLuxe setup.
If you are planning on making a kickstart crank, you might like to consider this. I had noticed that when kicking a Henderson, as my foot swings through it gets very close to the rear edge of the footboard. All too easy to stub toes! For this reason, when I made my crank, I made it a bit longer so that my foot went under the footboard. The extra length also improves the leverage making kicking easier.
There you are - two more reasons to deduct yet more judging points from my model K - is there a record for the lowest score? - Steve


I can probably figure out the crank, but the coupling on your magneto baffles me. Magnetic coupling? Centrifugal air drive? Just kidding... Thanks for the advice!