From:Steve Marks
Subject:RE: solid wheels Date:Wed Oct 17 05:42:48 2007
Response to:1716
Wheel discs were available as an after market accessory for a variety of motorcycles, not just Hendersons. They were spun sheet circles fitted over the original spokes. I have seen a reference to a 1922 catalog from the Gotham Sporting Goods Co, 128 Chambers Street New York which advertises Motorcycle Supplies,Bicycles and supplies, Fishing Tackle, Camping Equipment, Tennis Goods, Children's vehicles. There is a picture in the catalogue showing the discs - described as Mercury Wheel Discs - fitted to a V twin. They are described as 'completely watertight and may be cleaned in a few minutes'. Steve

Hi, I have a photo of what apears to be a KJ model. It looks like it has solid rims on it, did they ever do this? I will try and get the photo post so that someone can help me with the year and model.