From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:Need exhaust system Date:Fri Sep 7 13:06:17 2007
Does anyone sell KJ exhaust systems?

After 4 years of waiting, I got my rebuilt engine back, put it in the frame - and couldn't get the exhaust system to seat properly in the cylinder heads.

Then I remembered that it never did seat properly - the exhaust always leaked. After some examination, I find that the downtubes are about 3/8" or so too short! If I remove the right side engine-to-frame bolts, I can get the pipes to go to the proper depth in the heads - in the area above the threaded section. But the rear of the pipe is hitting the bottom of the engine, and there's no room for the nuts on the engine-to-frame bolts. And the right tail pipe won't fit on.

The previous owner had already dented the header pipes in these areas in an attempt to make it fit.

This exhaust system is just poor quality - nothing is quite right. On the header pipe, the left tailpipe outlet is at a slightly wrong angle, making the left tailpipe not fit correctly at the rear wheel. The right tailpipe has the mounting strap welded on at the wrong angle. I guess this was made on Monday morning!

I can live with the minor fit problems, but not with the short downtubes. I guess I could cut the downtubes and weld short pieces of slightly larger pipe in the middle, but this would look pretty crummy, and the time and effort required is not worth it - IF someone sells good ones.

Thanks for listening!