From:Eric Smith
Subject:RE: Paint colors Big X Date:Fri Aug 10 20:37:09 2007
Response to:1613
I had a series 20 X a number of years ago. Very early 1920 X's are drab green like 1918 and 1919 Hendersons. However, most X's from '20 thru 24 are dark blue with gray rims, hubs, and brake drum and backing plate. The dark blue is really dark, almost black. Martin Senour offers a spot on match "CODE DT8215" Dark Blue. I can't help you with the gray color. I used a medium to light gray that was more on the "warm" side. I painted my handlebars blue but most X guys will tell you they were black along with the footboards, brake and clutch pedal, headlight, tail light, and fork rockers. Hope this helps. Eric

G'day from Australia

I am restoring a Big X series 20 and I am just about to start painting.

However I am unsure of just what colors I should use.

Does anyone have the definitive paint color for both the gray and the blue?
I would appreciate it if I could get a paint manufacturers code for them so that I can just go and get them mixed here.

Regards and thanks

Ian Donaldson