Subject:ACE parts and Info Date:Fri Aug 3 14:18:17 2007
Will anyone please help with some info for 1922 ACE? It is, after all, a Henderson, right? (OK, not a KJ, sorry)

-Fork bearing cups, that slide into frame head. Available?

-Saddle spring anchor plate that crosses rear frame for this a stamped steel or 1/4" piece of flat steel bent up at ends? Not sure if I have a home-made part or correct re-pop part? Later ACE looks different, like stamped steel with rear fender mounts.

-Paint codes? Need correct Packard Blue and Yellow/Cream wheel color. I just need the color/codes.

-Tire pump clips to chain guard. Avaliable?

-Correct hardware, for rear chain adjusters, chain guard, motor hardware, clevis for carburator, manifolds to cylinders, etc.

Thanks for any help or leads to suppliers.
John in USA