From:Bent Granberg
Subject:RE: On the road at last 2! Date:Fri Jul 13 03:31:32 2007
Response to:1580
Congratulation from Norway too.
Only used 14 years, My K (1920) model has been in restoration for 15 years, still a couple of years before finishing. Is it possible for you to send pictures from the right side too? Is your beautiful Henderson a 20 or 21 model?

Perhaps in the future we can have a Henderson summer camp showing the bikes in Europe....

Congratulation again

And here is an ‘after’ photo taken a couple of days ago

Before any of you perfectionists start, I know.......
It’s got the wrong tyres, wheels, seat etc.
It shouldn’t have a front brake
The pedals/seat mountings etc should be painted not plated
The blue is not as dark as it should be
Plus a whole load of other ‘wrong’ things not immediately apparent from the photo

I agree it will never be a 100 pointer but I don’t care. I’ve built this up as I want it with the intention of riding it – I promise never to enter it for judging.....

Finally to all you guys with ‘work in progress’ keep going – I can absolutely guarantee that the grin factor involved with that first start up makes it all worthwhile!