From:paul phelps
Subject:RE: RE: Really sick... Date:Thu Jun 14 22:21:56 2007
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Rob you seem pretty knowledgeable, any idea if an engine number KT067W corresponds to a Henderson if so what yr and model I'm new to this subject. thanks PDP

Interesting, I have a framed picture of that on the wall in my shop.
Ok relax now.....
It doesn't look like that anymore. Its now fully restored and he did a beautifull job. I rebuilt the engine a while ago and for those who were at Davenport 2006 the bike was sitting in front of my booth.
I won't mention the customer for confidential reasons, he may be on the list and can chime in if he wants to.

Originally I'll bet it turned a few heads!

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OK, this is really sick, but...