From:Pat e-mail:work
Subject:KJ tunning help Date:Sun May 13 00:13:29 2007
hmmmmmmmm I have one that is interesting. I have a 1930 model KJ very nice bike went to start it the day before and she started on the fourth kick ran a few revolutions then saw a very nice orange blue color on the mag side of the motor as I looked at the very fine flame coming from around the mag the generator and the bottom of the motor stop to think well ?? should I take a picture of this fine site? I calmly walked to the other side of my shop where I yanked the fire extinguisher from the bench and dowsed the whole motor! after pondering what damage might be under the Yellow powder that turned to paste with the flow of gas from the busted fuel line I rolled the bike outside to air blow it off to my surprise no damage! although the tanks had a nice black film on them no damage to paint or anything... wow!
I replaced the old line and have never had a problem ever in my life like this. Keep in mind I like many others laugh at those weird guys you see with the fire extinguisher on the side of there bike! I even know of a friend that sat by the side of the road to watch his 38 inline Indian parish to flame. I even remember old Todd Bertrange coming back from Oregon with the two 31 Hendersons on the back of his worn out truck that caught fire as he watched it burn all to the ground a friend still has the aluminum puddle from the road where they had burned. I am wondering how all feel about the FIRE EXTINGUISHER? dose Howard Heilman make a leather cover that dose not detract from the bike?

Ok now my tech question.
I would like to talk with others on tuning the bike It seems I can never get it just right? my other machines run fine is there something I don't know? Is there anyone that will be at Hanford meet or Dixon that has a late one that can give me a lecture on what I just can not figure out?
I always welcome help ..
thanks pat