From:marty megregian
Subject:RE: Re cam shaft diff Date:Tue Apr 3 09:25:46 2007
Response to:1531

Mark, Rob Olsen is our resident KJ/KL motor expert. He has made the cams[ as well as other key motor parts], and he would be the one to chime in on this. He has studied them at length. His KL cam is one of the reasons my KL runs as it does. All his motor parts are first class.
ok i need some real Henderson pros here. i recently aquired a 29 KJ and a few people eyeballed her at Eustis. my question is what is the diff between a kj cam and a kl cam. i have one here and am not sure what it is.i have been told it was kl, does anyone have the lift and deration so i can tell the diff. thanks Mark Buttles