From:Steve Ciccalone
Subject:RE: RE: RE: kj carburator Date:Wed Mar 7 08:44:27 2007
Response to:1498
Well, I guess someboby thought $2000US wasn't stupid money for that carb on eBay. I actually talked to someone who had a $1975 bid on it. Crazy to me. Time to start making them.

Well we will soon be able to find out what the amount of "stupid money" is; e-bay item 150093560990
Came up today on e-bay. Is located in Denmark. Looks great too me.
Good luck who-ever needs this.

Oh boy, another carb discussion! As we know, the brass body DLX 70 was replaced in late '29 with the pot metal DLX 76. This is consistant with the the change over by Schebler in '28(?) to produce cheaper non-brass bodies for all the bikes as we've seen with Harley's and Indians. I'm guessing that it didn't take Linkert long to realize they had a potential market and began selling their carbs with small and large three bolt to two bolt adapter plates for there carbs. A debate on an approriate size is another debate but at the owner's discretion one could run anything with a 7/8" to 1&1/4" venturi. Some people like the smaller carb. I have a M51L Harley ULH carb on my KL installed by Henderson expert John Scharle. People think the bike is over-carbed but it runs fine. I've never seen a complete Linkert application list but I'm sure one exists that might give you a clue. If your bike is running well with the 11 I'd leave it. If you can find a nice DLX 70 or 76 be prepared to spend stupid money.

can anybody give some info of the use of a linkert M11 carb as found on my KJ
i am aware of the use of an schebler DLX-76 as described in some of the literature but was just wondering whether or not the M11 is some sort of replacement since i have not been able to find any reference whatsoever of its usage on other models or make,s
thanks for any input