From:Steve Marks
Subject:RE: Fork spring, sidestand, internal brake pedal, reverse contrl Date:Mon Feb 19 15:04:51 2007
Response to:1495
Hi Gorm
Fork springs available from

Sidestand ('Jack Tracey') used to be available from Mike Breeding but he has now retired. Anyone know who, if anyone, has taken over his product line (mostly Indian parts)?
Sidestand ('Adams') listed in the catalogue from
'Jack Tracey' version works well. Never seen an 'Adams' version - don't know what the differences are (if any).

Internal brake pedal relatively easy to make - I can supply tracing of original shapes to start with.

Reverse gear control - sorry, don't know of a source for these.

Hope this info helps - Steve
Hello Hendersons'
Needing the following parts to repair my model K 1920.
K-6647 front fork main spring, long
K-6649 front fork washer for main spring
K-6646 front fork rebound spring, short

Where to get a sidestand, the intertal brake pedal, the reverse gear control.

Thank you