From:Steve Marks
Subject:RE: RE: 'Chicago' Parts Lists Date:Sun Feb 18 08:48:37 2007
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Me? Bored with the minutae? Ha! That'll be a first.....
As always, many thanks for the info Steve - it's much appreciated. After all, the only way to get a wealth of knowledge is by collecting all the small snippets....

Steve, I went through this with Perry off line as we didn't want to bore you guys with our constant interest in minutiae. The Deluxe Only book is 1925. It lists parts for the high frame models but doesn't show them. The next version with the sidecar stuff is 1926 as it specifies "gray or cream rims when ordering". Cream rims were announced for the 1926 models. Casting dates on caes appeared in 1924. I have not seen evidence of 1922 or 1923 casting dates. I suspect whomever was writing the instruction picked an arbitrary # as an example. The change from 10/24 to 12/24 screws is a running change that occurred in late '23 for obvious problems. The larger screws are also drilled for safety wire.

Also if you have English literature, it may be slightly later. I have some pieces that came from Melchior, Armstrong and Dessau, the principal UK importers and it is slightly different showing English sidecars not sold in the States and has some dealer ink stamped dates that are later than one would expect for a given model year.

Following on from the earlier very informative postings from Perry/Steve concerning dating of the advertising brochures.....

I have one parts list headed "1918-1919-1920-1921-1922-1923". It has sections headed
"Models H & Z 1918 and Z-2 1919 Parts Price List"
"Model K 1920-1921"
"1920-22 Henderson Sidecar Parts"
"Zenith Model T3-1/2 Carburettor for Henderson Model K"
"Zenith Model T4 Carburettor for Henderson De Luxe Model"
"Henderson De Luxe Model Motorcycle Parts"
It's not illustrated part by part but does include sectional drawings of the motor and transmissions for the
Models H, Z and K - nothing for the Deluxe.

I have two other versions of the Deluxe parts lists - both illustrated part by part. Both front covers are very similar except that one is headed "DELUXE MODEL ONLY" and the other is headed "DELUXE MODEL AND SIDECARS". Apart from the obvious differences to the lists (one lists sidecar parts, the other doesn't) there are other differences too. For instance "DELUXE MODEL ONLY" lists the cylinder valve tappet guide clamp screw, 10x24x3/4" Part No 165-S. "DELUXE MODEL AND SIDECARS" lists this exact same part but also adds another line - same description but this time dimension is given as 12x24x3/4", Part no K-1646. Both have, on page 2, instructions on how to order parts and both use '...K1116 Oil Filler Extension for 1923 Henderson Motor, No, 9573...' as an illustration. Neither of these lists are dated but, in my view, because of the dating of the previous list and the date used in the example, they have to be 1924 or later. Again, in my view, the 10x24 screw only in the "DELUXE MODEL ONLY" puts that list earlier than the "DELUXE MODEL AND SIDECARS" list which contains both 10x24 and the more robust (slightly!) 12x24 screws.

The only KJ list I have uses the same instructions on page 2, again using '...K1116 Oil Filler Extension...' as an illustration but this time '..for 1930 Henderson Motor, No. KJ-----'. In this list the valve tappet guide clamp is held in place with a stud and a nut rather than a screw...a far better design considering it was screwing into aluminium!

Anybody able to put a more accurate date on the above lists? Were there any other parts lists?

And finally would anyone like to comment on this: The above example, straight from the Official Parts List, refers to an engine serial number '...for 1923 Henderson Motor, No, 9573'. Compare this to Ballak's listing (elsewhere on this site) which gives 1923 DeLuxe serial numbers as 'D3000 and up' presumably to D4999 max as 1924 starts at D5000 - just giving you guys something to think about.....

Meanwhile, back to the workshop......Steve