From:Steve Marks
Subject:RE: Schebler DLX-66 Date:Thu Feb 8 04:39:37 2007
Response to:1463
Hi Dirk
Can't answer the question re what uses DLX66
lists a lot of them but not the 66 (unless I've missed it on my quick scan through!)
Main reason for the response is to let you know (if you didn't already) that your 20 (and 21) Model K should use a Zenith T3-1/2 which is a bit rare. The Deluxe used the T4X. These look similar and most parts are interchangeable BUT the stud spacing on the inlet manifold is bigger on the T4X so, although they are more common, they won't fit straight onto your 20 manifold. Manifold to cylinder stud spacing is different too so you can't fit a Deluxe carb/manifold combination straight onto model K cylinders either. If you go looking for a Zenith and find one, look very carefully at the main body for cracks. The original metal used for the venturi tube, absorbs moisture and swells in size. In the long term this can swell so much the the main body cracks. Very common - I've seen more cracked bodies than I have good ones!

I guess you could use the DLX-66 but you would obviously need an elbow. Attached picture shows a similar setup from an April 1985 issue of 'Classic Bike' magazine. The centre spread picture shows the owner, Benito Battilani, riding the machine around Imola so it obviosly works! I believe Benito is active in the European Chapter of AMCA but I don't have any contact details for him.
Hope this helps - Steve

I have a DLX-65 and a DLX-66 carburetor.
The DLX-65 is for 1929 Indian Fours. The DLX-66, due to the intake, looks like being for an early 45 Harley(1929-31). Any idea what it is for?

I have a 1920 Henderson but it is supposed to have a Zenith. Can I use the DLX-66 in case I have no Zenith?