From:Steve Marks
Subject:RE: RE: Generator belt Date:Fri Jan 19 09:34:31 2007
Response to:1441
As I see it, the problem is that there is no easy way of taking up any slack in the belt so choosing a stock belt stands a pretty good chance of one being just too slack and the next size being just too tight. I got round the problem by going to a domestic appliance spares shop and asked to look in their box of belts. I ended up with one described as an 'Electrolux Spin Drier - white spot' belt. Evidently the different colour spots refer to different sizes. This belt is round cross section, about 3/8" diameter, but more important, it is slightly elastic and stretches - a bit like a luggage 'bungee' strap but stiffer - so no worries about adjustment. Black in colour (apart from the white spot!) so looks the part. Does it work? Don't know yet (watch this space) but it certainly looks the part and it was only a couple of pounds!

My K uses a round belt on the appropriate pulleys. Am I right in thinking later models used a V belt? I reckon a round belt should work in a V pulley but don't think a V belt wound work in a round one. Yes, I know all the pulleys are round - I'm refering to the shape of the groove.........
Look forward to seeing suggestions from others - Steve

Gentlemen indeed , well that deserves a thankyou for a start
Hello Sverre , I use a
"Goodyear - Torquflex 13AX0510 Ref AX19 (480Li)" well that is what is printed on the belt BUT I am sure an O-ring would be ok , BUT it will depend on the pulley sizes , if you contact your local bearing / belt supplier they can usually work out the size you want , they will need the two pulley diameters and the center to center measurement of the pulleys . Best of luck , Ken

What does other Henderson owners do to get the proper belt for running the generator, I think the original part no. is K-406.
This was original "with no end" in leather?
I was thinking of getting hold of a O-ring as it is not really visible, anyone know what is the recomended size?
Any inputs would be truly appreachiated.