Subject:RE: RE: 1927 SuperX Dashboard wanted.... Date:Mon Jan 15 05:28:36 2007
Response to:1426

Hello Perry,

Thank you for you respond - attched there is another picture of a 28 dash with US gauge ammeter - this one should also be quite original - only the 2 swiches seem to be modified.

I have no pictures of a 27 dash and i thought they were the same.....

Please let me know what the difference between 27 and 28 dashboards is - I have no idear....
a picture would be great of course!

Excelsior Greetings from Austria / Europe, florian

Florian - your subject says 1927 dashboard but the photo is of a 1928 dashboard. I can't help with either but you might want to clarify which you really need.
Nice photo of the '28 dash. Interesting to see a US Guage ammeter. Another datapoint in the US Gauge versus Weston debate ... Perry

Hello Henderson Enthusiasts!

Sorry for another Super X posting, but there still is nothing useful on the web for SuperXers up to now!

I am looking for the dash which can be seen on the picture attached - if anyone knows one of these that might be sold - please let me know.

Thank You!