Subject:RE: RE: Henderson K model help! Date:Sat Jan 6 18:19:43 2007
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Thanks!! A tracing would be great with a few pictures to show shape of holes diameter and such. So you havent ran the short cylinders? I am wondering what this is going to sound like as well as proformance? I would like to have this done for henderson day this year at the northern california meet.


I am hop,ing to correspond with anyone with a K model or the know how on the 1920 model. I need the chainguard the covered one if someone out there has one for sale or even a great trace-ing of one with a few pictures that would be great! I have eveything else. on the motor I am only missing the clutch parts. I have the flywheel, retainer plate to hold the plates springs and such with no plates or springs and the fingers. I have no plate for the bevel gear to go onto or even the bearing. If anyone has one out there I would like to purchase it if you have it to spare? other than that the whole bike will be finished.
last thing I need is paint schems?? I saw a white one was that correct? or only deep blue with gold pin striping?
I would ne thankfull for any help!

Hi Pat
When I got my basket case model K, I was in the same position as you. The chainguard with it turned out to be for an Indian! For several years I collected every piece of paperwork I could find and that confirmed that it should be a fully enclosed chainguard but, the best picture I could find showed the guard from the wrong side of the bike! Then, back in 1996, I was at a rally in France when a pal said to me 'Go and have a chat with that guy standing by the Chief. He's got a model K like yours'
I went over and introduced myself and the conversation went like this:
'I'm told you have a Henderson?'
Long pause - 'Yes'
'A model K I understand'
Long pause - 'Yes'
'So have I! Mine's a 1920 - what's yours?'
Long pause - '20'
'Does it have the fully enclosed chainguard?'
Long pause but no answer. I'd noticed that the Chief had a Norwegian number plate so wondered if he had understood me. My Norwegian amounts to zilch so I wondered how his English was. I leant over and touched the chainguard on the Chief.
'Chainguard?' Then I waved my hands around the chain area and said 'fully enclosed? - all round?'
Long pause - 'Yes, yes, yes' but this time he sounded irritated. Got to tread carefully here I thought.
'Do you have the chainguard for yours?
Long pause - 'Yes'
'Ah! Good! I don't have one for mine - I wondered, could you help me out with some drawings so that I could make one please?
Long pause - 'No'
'Even a rough sketch would be helpful.'
No answer.
'I've no idea what it should look like and you are the first person I've found who has one. Even a photograph would be useful'
Even longer pause - 'No'
Just my luck I thought. Found one and then the guy doesn't want to help. Talking with him is like having a long distance phone call - the delays between taking turns to speak are awkward and when he does speak it's with one word answers. I found he was looking me up and down and I wasn't sure whether the look on his face was because he didn't like what he saw or was it the smoke from his roll up getting in his eyes? This is hard work but I don't want to upset him - where do I go from here? While I'm thinking, he come up with:
'Can't do it'
'Not easy'
'Too difficult'
There was a delay between every sentance. My heart sank. Then he said:
'It would be easier if I used mine as a pattern to make you one. Would you like me to do that?'
From that moment on things got much better. For the rest of the rally, we rode, drank and ate and recounted tales. I decided that the delays in the initial conversation were partly due to time taken for him to translate in his mind and, I guess, partly while he was making his mind up whether or not he thought I was worth helping anyway!
The following year he rode from his home in Norway down to the UK and then on to the same French rally, this time with a fully enclosed Henderson chainguard strapped to the top of his luggage on the Chief. He joined us several more times on that French rally, once on his KJ, but usually on the Chief. His model K was in pieces waiting for restoration and one year he told me he'd been offered so much money for it, he couldn't refuse. It went somewhere in Germany. Then, sadly, about eighteen months ago, I got word that he had passed away due to a heart attack. Tom Hanson - a great character and a good friend. I shall never forget that first meeting.

So, in the best tradition of fellow Henderson owners helping each other out - attached are some photos which you might find useful.

Tom gave me the sheet metalwork copied from his original so that bit is almost certainly correct. I enlarged the holes for the rear axle - needed to do this to clear the timken bearing hub adaptors which I had fitted - so is probably wrong but necessary on my machine. I also added the drain plug and inspection hole which is almost certainly wrong but I thought would be a good idea anyway.

I added the mounting brackets - which may or may not be correct. The brackets were a mixture of what I gleaned from the parts list (text only for the model K) and what I thought it needed to hold it securely. The parts list gives the following:
Chain Guard, Upper Half
Chain Guard, Lower Half
Chain Guard Lower Bolt 5/16-24 x 1"
Chain Guard Top Cap Bolt 5/16-24 x 1-1/16"
Chain Guard Bolt Nut 5/16-24
Chain Guard Bolt Lock Washer
Chain Guard Bolt, Front 5/16-24 x 2-23/32"
Chain Guard Rear Screw 5/16-24 x 1-1/32"
Chain Guard Rear Bolt Spacer
Chain Guard Top Bolt Washer
Chain Guard Front Bolt Washer
Although all the bolts/nuts are listed as 5/16", the two washers have different part numbers so must be different o/d and/or thickness?

There was a photo on ebay last year which showed an 'under the bike' view. From this it could be seen that a metal strap was used to bolt the lower half of the chainguard to the front of the rear fender. I don't know if this is correct. There is no mention of this strap in the parts list and the bolts which are listed only allow for the four fixings as shown in my photos. I say again - the photos only show my interpretation of what's needed to fix the guard in place - they work but may not be correct.

As for white or blue - I've seen a white one too but whether or not it's correct I do not know. Personally I think the blue with gold pin striping takes some beating - and we all know that's correct! I also attach a photo of my finished guard waiting to be fitted - the pin striping may not be correct.

In fact, there are so many things about the above info which may not be correct, I would be very interested in anyone's corrections and or additional comments - though I am very unlikely to change anything now ;-)

Pat, if you email me your address, I'll draw round the chain guard and send you some tracings.

Happy New Year to you all - Steve