From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:Heilman on KJ saddles Date:Sun Nov 5 19:41:44 2006
I wonder if Howard could take a look at the Henderson KJ website, and help with KJ saddle identification.

Larry Heilman>


We looked at your pictures and the saddle is a Mesinger Cushion Suspension No.2. This one has the script logo stamped in the top leather, towards the back of the saddle. Some of these saddles had a logo that said 1922 in place of the logo that your saddle has.

This seat was usually used a passenger seat. The front seat was either a Mesinger No.3 or a Persons King Comfort. If and when you find the hardware for these seats, we can recover them with new leather and padding. Sorry but we do not know where to obtain the parts and or pans for these seats.

Thank you ,
Larry Heilman