From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:KJ Saddle - Mesinger #2 ?? Bottom View Date:Fri Nov 3 18:56:00 2006
I spoke with Howard Heilman today about the KJ saddle. He said that all the advertising photos used the Mesinger Cushion Suspension #3.

But he said he has an advertisement that says that you could get a Mesinger #3, a Mesinger #2, or a Persons King Comfort.*

He said that the #3's are about impossible to find. There are good pictures of this saddle on his web site.

He said the #2 (I assume this means Mesinger Cushion Suspension #2) is a full pan saddle with a very narrow "nose" and a deep "V" in the pan extending from the nose back.

I never really looked at my saddle, so I took it off tonight, and it seems to fit the description of a #2. Also, stamped in the leather on the bottom, it reads "Saddles Heilman".

Perhaps we can get Howard to check out the picture and identify his handiwork!

* Given the times, it seems reasonable that for out-sourced parts, Hen would supply whatever the customer wanted, or whatever they could get their hands on.