From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: RE: spark plugs Date:Wed Nov 1 18:07:15 2006
Response to:1281
I've gotten pretty used to the "bite" of plug #4. I've trained my right leg to be bow-legged to avoid this.

Actually, the only time I get "bit" is when I'm parking or busy looking at a pretty girl...

My problem is that I like to ride in the summer in shorts and a T-shirt - my right leg turns red from the heat of the exhaust. Haven't found a solution to this yet.



I've often used the Champion D16 but I prefer the Autolite 386 because the body of the plug has a matte black finish...very antique looking.

Top it off with a knurled or "thumb" brass nut for the plug wire and you have the factory brochure look. Those brass nuts are available at

Then when you're riding corner hard, leaning your leg inward, and get acquainted with the bite of the exposed rear plug.

No aftermarket aluminum plug guard for the truly intrepid K.J. rider!