From:Dale Stoner
Subject:RE: Magazine Ads Date:Sun Sep 24 19:39:37 2006
Response to:1307

What magazines did Henderson typically advertise in?
(particularly in the KJ years)

This week, a "flea market"-type vendor of old magazines has set up a display of old Popular Mechanics, Life magazine, etc. here where I work. I looked through a 1931 Popular Mechanics, but found zip. Unfortunately, I don;t have time to browse through them all.

I often see old magazines at antique stores, and same problem. If I could narrow down the search, I'd probably more successful at finding them.


I found a book in the libary. The book is a bibliography, it is a list of magazine articles, no listing of adds.

Motorcycles In Magazines, 1895-1983
by Richard D. Christensen
Z5173.m58c47 1985 016.6292'275 84-22119
ISBN 0-8108-1756-X
copyright 1984 1985

This book is a good reference tool for the antique motorcycle nut. The magazines are Scientific America, Harper's Weekly, The Outlook, Illustrated World, Popular Science + Mechanics and many others. Articles listed are on Henderson, Thor Penington and many others. The sad part is nothing listed on Henderson in the KJ years.

Dale Stoner