From:Dave Molnar
Subject:RE: RE: Mags Date:Thu Jun 8 20:12:56 2006
Response to:1237
My '26 cut-off motor had a Bosch FF4 on it. The fellow had it in his basement under a work bench since the fourties. I don't know for sure but I think it was the original mag on that motor.


My 1919 came with a Berling E-41 and most of the 1918's I've seen have also been equiped with the E-41. Additionally, the Henderson parts book for '18 and '19 shows an assembly drawing of the motor which is fitted with the E-41 Berling. I just got rid of an E-41 that was the correct rotation for a K or Delux model so obviously it was available after 1919, however, I agree that the Simms was probably the standard bearer for K's and early Delux. Having said all of that, I agree with you, that any mag could be requested if it was available when the motorcycle was made.

Per my parts books and catalogs:

1912-13 Bosch DU-4
1914 Splitdorf
1915-1918 Berling N-44
1919 - Probably still Berling N-44
1920-1925 Simms
1926-27 Spitdorf S-4
1928 Spitdorf (catalog shows S-4 probably NS-4)
1929-31 Bosch FF4

It should be noted that items like mags and tires could often be specified by buyers. I've seen Berling mags (E-41s) on K and early Deluxe motors. In the 20's, Simms and Splitdorf were probably equally available per rider's choice. In MHO any period 4 cyl mag could be ordered and be correct.

Next question - What generator came on a '28 Deluxe? Catalog shows a Splitdorf DU-5. Steve Blancard says DU-7 superceded the DU-5 in 1928. Any thoughts/comments?