From:Tom Fickau
Subject:Seat springs Date:Wed May 10 20:57:27 2006
Sent the previous before I meant to....

To help set the record straight-straight from me.

I am the second owner of a '29 KJ for more than 10+ years now. What I knew is based on what I had had in hand physically on the seat springs and talking to others about them that knew more than I and were messing around with them long before I ever saw my first one. It was reinforced with the info in the parts book. I will go on the record to the best of my knowledge that there were only TWO true KJ/KL seat springs. The heavy and the light. The light being round wire and the heavy being square wire. What I have seen to date were wound in the same direction -i.e. no left and rights for the KJ/KL. Yes, I agree, left and rights for the earlier models. Why the change? -beats me.
It was asked, Why would I make KJ seat springs?????? Because I have people asking me for them at the meets and thru varrious means of communication after or between the meets. Since I currently offer the most complete line of correct seat springs out there for Indian and the Majestic Tandem seat already I have folks ask if I offer em for the KJ/KL too? B.T.W. -I now have samples of both styles of ACE seat springs as well and will make a committment on them in the future. Both the solo extension and the nested or bushed outer extension and inner compression types. Oops -that's another story and can of worms to be opened -I'd love to see what you e-guys have to say about that topic next-ha!
I had assumed that S. Shackman and his associate did not have any more of his repros available or that is what I am told anyway and that is why they were then asking me. I did the honorable thing and called Steve personally months ago before I even considered doing em and had his ok to go for it. (*side note -As it was done back in the day when I first entered the hobby-honorably. One did not step on anothers toes by doing a part someone else was doing or had previously done without first a man to man conversation. Wish this were still the case today!)
So, yes, I have JD's original spring as a guide-again thank you JD. I had 100 made up out of round wire in one direction of wind -they did not quite make the Oley meet. They were sitting in the foyer when I got back home from the meet though. On inspection, I found them to be mfg'd wrongly -not to my specs. So, here we are to date.....I have returned them and the original once again and they are going to see if they can be corrected. If not, a new batch will be mfg'd at their expense as they did not follow my instructions. Lead time????? Depends...4-6 weeks I'd guess.
With all the misleading info about L&R out there at the meet and since the first run was messed up anyway, I made a verbal commitment last week to also make a matching number of the opposite direction of wind KJ springs. Second guessed myself and should not have. But, thanks to Marty's persistance and timely contact with me I was able to cancel the order for the opposite direction of wind just Tue the 9th with no problems and he saved me some hard earned monies and more importantly to me....future generations of Henderson KJ/KL lovers will hopefully not get mislead by looking at something I mfg'd incorrectly supplied or put out there.
If you want a pair you can contact me via e-mail or my cell (414) 801-0652 after 9am CST.
Ya all take care,