From:Marty Megregian
Subject:RE: Hendersons in Upcoming Auction
Response to:1131
Date:Thu Feb 2 16:21:56 2006
An interesting note to Steve's message is the KJ/KL seems to
be gaining respect in the collector market. Last years
auction in Oley, where a pretty beat machine went for over
35,000 needing full restoration, and one at the Vegas
auction, that sold privately for around 40,000, and it had
many problems, including headbolts sticking up 1/4 inch!
Meanwhile, a nice Deluxe with left hand wide version
Goulding hack [never seen one like it] went for a modest
price around 30,000 or less, if memory serves me at the

FYI - Jerry Woods is going to auction off two Hendersons at
Stetson University, Deland, FL on March 10.  One is an old
restoration 1928 Deluxe.  The second one is much more
interesting.  It is the late Soo Boyachek's 1931 KJ which he
ontended was an experimental prototype.  It has a number of
unique non-standard motor features.  I have never seen any
documentation about this bike but it was at the AMA Museum
in Westerville for many years and was quite interesting to
look at.  I don't know if Woods has posted any pictures on
his web site yet but he probably will at some point.  I have
o interest or stake in this auction. I don't know his exact
address but a search under J Woods Auctions should easily
turn it up.