From:jeff roth
Subject:Right Hand Shift
Date:Wed Jan 25 11:06:39 2006
Hello K.J.ers, especially my friend Steve Ciccalone.

John Flores in Missouri asked me to send this question out
for him.  


He swears it has to be a factory conversion because of how
cleanly it appears to have been done.  

For instance, the boss on the right, identical to the usual
boss on the left, was brazed on, when the frame was
upsidedown, and looks identical to the other one.

A shaft run through the two.  It's nickel plated.  The shift
lever is brazed to the shaft at the normal pivot location
but the lower "tail" that the clevis pins to shows up on the
left side, taper fit and keyed to the shaft.

This set up, of course, requires a left hand throttle which
bothers John.  For now he plans to preserve this peculiar
feature but for ease of riding he'd like to find a regular
shift lever that he could use on the left leaving the right
hand shift features alone...for posterity.  Email me if you
know of an available hand shift lever.

Do you suppose he's right, that this could be a factory
conversion, perhaps for a police department?  His K.J. is
from the 1931 model year, a year of tumult for the factory
no doubt.