From:Sverre K. Gerber
Subject:Henderson 1927 rims and spokes
Date:Fri Dec 23 10:11:05 2005
First, merry Christmas and Happy new year to everyone using
this forum.
Having got both my hubs and rearbrake all completed I am due
to start making the rest of the wheels for my -27 De-luxe
(no front brake).
I intend to use the Harley VL 19" drop center rims from
VL-heaven in UK. This I know have been used before on the
My queation is;
Are front and rear spokes the same on my bike as original
when with the clincher rims?
Can I use the VL spokes, I seem to remember someone told me
those would fit the Hen. hub, angle etc.??
Can I use the spokes offered by Antique Motorcycle Works
intended for late De-luxes with drop center rims and front
break (does this use the same spokes front and rear).
Have anyone faced this problem before and bought spokes ie.
from Bucanans, and maybe saved any details on what spokes
they got?
Hope someone could help me out with this as I am getting
pretty close to a point where wheels will be needed.

Finally, is there any need for the Zenith T4x choke body. I
have casted and machined a couple of these, will consider to
make more if there is any interest (it will be complete with
knob and butterly, shaft etc.). Can provide photos.
Sverre K. Gerber