From:Dave Molnar
Subject:RE: SHE RUNS!
Response to:1064
Date:Sun Oct 23 00:03:32 2005
Wow, congradulations!! You must just be ear to ear! I can
only imagine how great it feels! I hope to be in your shoes
before spring with my first project - a late '28 Deluxe.
What a great day that will be. All that time and patience
will finally pay off. I started with only a very dusty (and
stinky) cut-off motor two years ago and have scrounged many
parts including a frame, re-attached the transmission, Made
special con rods for use with harley 45 pistons. you name it
and I was stupid about it. When it runs will be a great day
indeed. - GOOD JOB...

 hi all:
 just an update on the hen hell saga! With  help and advice
several kj exchange guys! I have it running! first time in
60 years! (it was thrown away once!) more sorting to do, but
 thanks one and all for the advice, and help in bringing 
this one back, it had  "one foot through the door, and the
other on a banana peel" but now ITS BACK!
 Al (27 deluxe)