From:Steve Marks
Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: henderson hell
Response to:1057
Date:Thu Oct 20 10:50:32 2005
One of my Henderson advertising brochures says:
'The new cam silencer steadies rotation of the camshaft and
eliminates valve noise. This silencer is a simple disc brake
bearing against the face of the cam gear.' In other words,
without it, the engine rattles! Service Bulletin No 6, dated
Feb 23 1923, shows how it can be retro fitted to earlier
models. I've always thought the spring was a bit strong too
but are you sure you've got the correct one? It should be
slightly conical in shape. Has anyone at some time fitted an
even stronger spring which is 'braking' the engine so much
it makes it difficult to turn over? As you know, you can't
take the cover off with the engine in the frame but you
could remove the timing cover screws to ease the spring
pressure and then see if it's any easier to turn over the
engine. Disengage the clutch while you're kicking it over.
This might show if the tight spot is in the engine or the

 Hi all; thanks for the response, originally the lower case
was warped, and DID cause the crank to lock up solid, when
bolted tight to the top case, SOOO... I got a shiney new,
beautifly made and fitted lower pan from Russel Hughes,
which I fit to my frame perfectly flat, another thought,
 I have built my engine( 27 deluxe) from the best of two
engines, the other being a 24 deluxe and have used the
straight cut, timing gears fron the eariler engine, along
with the "Cam brake" and timing cover, my question: what
does the "cam brake " do? it seems to have a lot of tension
on the spring and no doubt casues alot of drag on the the
 I can kick the engine over but it takes a HARD kick to do
it, and I did have it fireing on about 3 or 4 of the
cylinders, once or twice.
best regards

Good point Dave - it's possible I guess. On a similar tack,
does the engine sit squarely on the four mounting points in
the frame? If it rocks on these, tightening the engine
mounting bolts could put a twist in the case. In the short
time this might be enough to tighten the crank. In the long
term, the resulting strain on the case could cause a
mounting point to fracture and break off. The rocking could
be caused by either a twisted pan (though you say you have a
w one so unlikely) or maybe the frame is a little twisted.
Whatever the reason, I would advise fitting spacers or
better still, file a little off the crankcase mounting point
 that all rocking is eliminated. Reminds me of the dining
room table which rocks on it's four legs. All you have to do
 trim a little off the longest leg and check again. If it
still rocks keep repeating the process until it sits square.
 you're good it's easy, if you're not so good you end up
with a low coffee table....... :-)
I was just wondering if it is possible that there might be
some discrepancy in the mating surfaces of the upper and
lower cases. I have heard that if there are gaps here and
there before tightening the bolts (due to case repairs) this
 cause some deflection in the upper case - enough to
tighten the crank and/or the clutch hub up in their
bearings. I am sure the crank in your motor spun real nice
before the pan went on but what about after?? The motor
should turn over quite easily. If it is hard to turn I could
 how there might not be enough momentum for the motor to
start even if the timing etc. is set up well, if it is
difficult to turn. Good luck and try to stay patient! it
will all be worth it in the end.>>>Dave


I feel like I'm in Henderson Hell. Everything that could
have gone wrong at some time has. Now when reassembling the
motor [again] due to a clutch reassembly mishap, it turns
out the clutch release shaft is cracked [and of course I
don't have one]. Makes you wonder if it ever ends. Marty

 I am beginning to think that hendersons are the worst 
bike ever built! after spending a fortune on new babbit, new
ons ,reground crank, new valve gear, new (beautiful)
lower Pan, reconditioned mag, etc. (you get the picture)the
SOB is so hard to kick over, I think Im gonna have a heart
attack ATTEMPTING to start it, that "pullin the flywheel
round, with one hand" is bull ###! and still havn't had it
running! I think my 29 H-D twocam will pull it backwards!
BuT no stinkin schwinn is gonna get the best of me! I'll
have it apart again, and WILL win eventually! ( or die
trying to start it!)  I suspect the valve ( or  ignition)
timing is Off, but try and find out how to time one???
everybody tells a diffent story, but the SOB is so hard to
kick, it takes two men and a boy to find  the "E" and the 
"S"  on the fly wheel, and then guess what? you cant remove
the timing cover with the engine in the frame! So you remove
rear fender, the engine mount bolts and shift the whole
( way too heavy for a bike) engine, backwards and  hope you
get it right, not good for the paint on the frame
and if it still dont run,  go pull the engine out of your
car, its easier!!