From:bill armstrong
Subject:RE: Solid state voltage regulator for Splitdorf generator
Response to:904
Date:Mon Oct 17 20:00:54 2005
Gene, I will be needing one of your regulators but in the
meantime can you suggest someone reliable who rebuilts the
DU series Splitdorf. Thanks Bill

If you would like to rid yourself of the inherent charging
problems associated with the venerable Splitdorf DU series
generators, perhaps my new solid state voltage regulator
would be of interest to you!  Take a look at my web site:

Also, the spring issue of the Antique Motorcycle has a nice
write up on this new regulator in the "Blood Sweat and
Gears" section, thanks to Steve Blancard.

I will be at the Florida meet March 4-6, look me up!

Happy riding, and keep the greasy side down!

Gene Harper