From:Steve Marks
Subject:RE: henderson hell
Response to:1040
Date:Wed Oct 12 04:55:03 2005

I feel like I'm in Henderson Hell. Everything that could
have gone wrong at some time has. Now when reassembling the
motor [again] due to a clutch reassembly mishap, it turns
out the clutch release shaft is cracked [and of course I
don't have one]. Makes you wonder if it ever ends. Marty

Don't lose heart Marty - if it was easy, everybody would
have one..... 
Don't know if you were aware but thought I'd mention it just
in case. During the DeLuxe production run the clutch release
shaft was increased in diameter slightly and the clutch fork
altered accordingly. (The bearing surfaces for the shaft in
the crankcase were machined for the larger size too) There
are two sets of numbers for each part in the DeLuxe parts
book, the later one is repeated in the KJ book. Other than
the diameter, the parts look the same. Can't remember the
exact dimensions, I think they varied by only 1/32" or
1/16". It's not much but will make a difference. Can I
suggest you measure yours so that you know what you are
looking for? Steve