From:marty megregian
Subject:RE: What’s the difference between KJ and KL?
Response to:1027
Date:Sat Sep 24 08:30:22 2005

Please tell me the difference between the KJ- and KL-
models? Someone that can send me some pictures that shows
the difference?

The only differences are cylinders and cam. Look in the
KJ/KL pictures for pictures I took. The only exterior
difference is a stamping at the base of the cylinders that
says SD. The cases are stamped KL over KJ [just the L and
J]. Some don't have the J under the L. Some do or don't have
the L at all under the timing gear. The pistons are slightly
domes for KL, flat for KJ. The inside of the cylinder
creates slightly higher compression for KL [has more meat in
the top]. The cam is slightly hotter for KL as well, but
remember Henderson never really had the cams right on KJ/KL.
The pictures show interiors of KL,KJ, and Delux. Also, KL
rings are two piece, KJ three piece. All for 5+ mph more. A
true KL definately is considerably rarer tha KJ and if all
there should command higher $. About 1 KL for every 10-20
KJ's.  Otherwise, identical. Literature suggests KL had no
reverse/hack, but mine had reverse in it and now a hack. KL
1930 and 1931 models only. Should have DLX76 carb. Early KJ
[1929-30] had DLX 70[bronze] and then evidentally DLX76 as