Carl Vandre
1925 Henderson V8
2.750 Bore x 3.500 Stroke = 163 cubic inches

This engine has a Henderson crankshaft, with articulated connecting rods, 2 Henderson cam shafts. Ccarburation is by typical Zenith TX4 carburetors. Bosch magnetos supply the ignition for the 8 Henderson DeLuxe cylinders. Henderson clutch, flywheel, tranny, lower engine case and engine mounts provide the basis for the V8. Aircraft aluminum is used, all parts are machined and assembled with socket head bolts, no welding! There are no modifications of any kind to the frame. I spent approximately 2000 hours in a 2-year span to complete this project.

This is an antique vehicle that is exciting to drive - without a front wheel brake special attention to traffic is a must!

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