If you are fortunate enough to own a Henderson,
any model, restore it, rebuild it and treasure it.
For you have one of the world's finest motorcycles...

- T.A. Hodgdon*

Ciccalone Gathering of Hendersons

The pictures are here
KJ 19674A Tom McKee West Virginia
KJ 29356 Drew Ehehalt Florida
KJ 29644 S.J.R.Cyberspace
KJ 29698 Erik DunkNew York
KJ 29838 Dennis BriddellNorth Carolina
KJ 29992 Ian Davidson Washington
KJ 30124 Ed MitznerCalifornia
KJ 30154 Ivan Young France
KJ 32077 John Yushkevich Connecticut
KJ 32181 Spud North Carolina
KJ 32428 Anonymous Somewhere
KJ 34381 Dave Hennessey Maryland
KJ 34462 Robert Galezki Poland
KJ 34723 Hans & Danielle Kirpestein The Netherlands
KJ 34858 L'Épopée de la Moto Quebec, Canada
KJ ????? Sam Pennsylvania
KJ 35??? Marshall Wagner Washington
KL 35113 Ontario Provincial Police Ontario, Canada
KL 35143 Steve Ciccalone New Hampshire
KL 35149 Unknown Maryland
KJ 35713 Kris Thompson Nebraska
KL 36067 Tom Sturgess New Zealand
KJ 36100 Martin Colver California
KJ 36538 L.C. Lynch North Carolina
KJ 36652 Doug Strange Pennsylvania
KJ 36766 Dennis Henderson Michigan
KL 36862 Greg Boudin Michigan

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* From "The Golden Age of the Fours", 1972.
Ted Hodgdon worked for Indian for many years, and
was one of the four founders of the Antique Motorcycle Club of America.

Do you own a KJ?   E-mail: dave@toyhouse.org
or write: Dave Hennessey, 5797 Georgetown Road, Broad Run, VA 20137